Connecting you with Talent, Capital, and Access

Relationship Brokers

"We connect you with Talent, Capital, Access."

The principals of Charlestowne Consulting Group, Inc. have seventy-five years experience in creating and maintaining valuable "people networks." Establishing and nurturing professional relationships with a variety of successful people comes naturally to us. We've been called "connectors," and we excel at connecting people who should know each other: people who have a joint business interest or a common public policy purpose.

Whether it is recruiting an executive or identifying expertise, raising money for a new business or generating client leads, navigating federal and state bureaucracies or approaching legislators, a sophisticated and measured approach is required. CCG offers this compendium of experience.

Our clients are very good at what they do, but what they do is run their businesses or manage public entities. What we do is further their goals by providing creative and useful ideas for reaching the people they need and screening our own extensive and diverse professional and personal networks for just the right fit with our clients' goals.

Talent. Money. Access. Let us be your relationship brokers.